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Capcom confirms new controls for Resident Evil 5

Capcom confirms new controls for Resident Evil 5

A major criticism of Resident Evil 5 from many Western gamers is that the game’s controls are similar to Resident Evil 4’s controls. Critics say the controls feel very dated, given all the current advancements in interaction. between player and game.

During E3, Capcom producer Jun Takeuchi gave hints that they would still adjust the controls and he has now confirmed that we can see the new Resident Evil 5 controls at work during the Tokyo Game Show. It’s not entirely clear what changes have been made yet, but Takeuchi described it as “Gears-esque”.

As a result, rumors are currently circulating that Resident Evil 5 is moving more towards run-and-gun, rather than the traditional walk-stop shoot. The Tokyo Game Show kicks off on October 9, so in a month’s time we’ll know what’s in store for us…

Resident Evil 5 is of course another third-person action/horror game. This time the setting is a sweltering African city and this time you have Chris Redfield under the control, an old acquaintance from the previous Resident Evil titles. Chris has started working for the BSAA organization and on behalf of this company he is sent to Africa to investigate an accident in the desert.

In addition to various enemies, you also have to take on the heat. You can’t stay in the sun for too long and you have to look for shade every now and then. Light also plays tricks on you in the game, because your eyes have to get used to dark or light environments every now and then. As a result, your vision temporarily deteriorates, which of course provides the necessary scare.

Resident Evil 5 will be released March 13, 2009 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.