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Capcom’s games are already 80% digitally hosted

Capcom’s games are already 80% digitally hosted

Nor has the publisher been prepared for the rate to shift so much towards digital sales, but it is pleased to see the change.

While the trend shows that more and more people are buying games digitally, boxed sales around the world are still so significant that Sony has postponed the release of The Last of Us Part II once again for this reason alone. Several publishers can feel it trying to speed up the transition, and Capcom has a similar goal.

During a meeting with shareholders, the publisher said that 80% of its games were sold digitally in the last financial year, and this growth surprised even them, rather they expected 75% (in the previous financial year from April 2018 to March 2019, only 53%). As a result, they will focus even more on strengthening digital distribution, with the aim of raising the proportion to 90%. They see this as they can provide content for more time and deliver it to more parts of the world.

From what has been described, it is not clear that all revenues were viewed (i.e. not only sales of full games, but also DLC and other digital content) or merely content that is available both digitally and in box, but added that the current The state was greatly contributed by the unbroken popularity of Monster Hunter World and its accessory, Iceborne.

After the highly successful remake of the second part, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, originally released in 1999, also returns in a completely redesigned version.