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Capcom’s plans for the next four years have been leaked

Capcom’s plans for the next four years have been leaked

As a result of the hacker attack, it became clear what titles the publisher was making.

Capcom’s servers were attacked two weeks ago, which also led to a leak in the release date of Resident Evil Village, for example. The publisher is currently working on several, larger titles, so in addition to Resident Evil, the Monster Hunter Rise is also approaching, but a company of this size is typically preparing several unannounced projects. So it’s no surprise that hackers have found multiple titles.

Games under development include a project called Resident Evil Outrage (Q4 2021) and Resident Evil Hank (Q4 2024), but a remake of Resident Evil 4 is also in the works, which is said to be the fourth leak in 2022. quarter.

In addition, a remake of Final Fight (Q2 2024) and Power Stone is also underway.

In terms of sequels, Dragon’s Dogma 2 (Q2 2022), Monster Hunter 6 (Q2 2023) and Street Fighter 6 (Q3 2022) are coming, in addition to which an Ultra release is already scheduled for Q4 2024.

Because these are fairly distant appearances, and the coronavirus has put everything on top of its head everywhere, it’s not worth taking the appearance times for granted.

Anyway, we wouldn’t bet in the bigger item that the above will ever show up. Even if the list is real, game projects come and go from the design table.

It’s worth adding that while we can chew good on leaks right now, the list of projects that have been dropped will cause serious headaches for Capcom colleagues. On top of all that, the data of the people working there was also compromised, along with the data of some 350,000 players.

We want us to be happy with the inside info, but it’s so hard to smile honestly.