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Capcom’s triumphal procession continues

Capcom’s triumphal procession continues

The Japanese publisher has released its quarterly business report, which shows that this is their most successful year to date.

Capcom announced a week ago that it had increased its financial forecast for the current business year, suggesting strong numbers in the next business report. Today, it has arrived, and no one who thought so was wrong, as the Japanese publisher is holding 64 billion yen in revenue and 24 billion yen in profit for three-quarters of the business year (April-December). This is not only a significant increase compared to a year earlier (the indicators improved by 22 and 32 percent, respectively), but also a new record in terms of profit.

As a big word, Capcom achieved all this with only one major new release in the business year: Resident Evil 3, which was not as successful as the previous remake, but still had 3.6 million units sold. holds – of which 600,000 found farmers in the last quarter.

The successes are largely due to the excellent long-term performance of previous titles, as the games of success of recent years have added another hundred thousand to what has been done so far. Here is the latest data:


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