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Centrally control and evaluate social media marketing

Centrally control and evaluate social media marketing

The e-mail marketing provider Ecircle is expanding its product portfolio in the area of ​​social media and is launching “eC-social”, software for planning, executing and evaluating social media activities and campaigns. The web-based product integrates the creation and publication of content via social media channels, the workflow and the approval processes of the departments involved in the company as well as the analysis of the reactions and moods of the users. Among other things, this would enable companies to design more cost-efficient customer service, increase their brand and product awareness and provide coordinated crisis communication very quickly.

“Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Co – the popularity of social networks is growing steadily and offers advertisers enormous potential that is far from being fully exploited,” explains Volker Wiewer, CEO of Ecircle. “EC-social” offers comprehensive social media management in various social networks, blogs and RSS feeds. The tool also informs you automatically and contextually (positive / negative) whenever there is a report on your own company or products and brands somewhere on the Internet. This enables a timely and adequate reaction to user contributions and discussions: “If a milestone is reached or key figures are to be determined at short notice, the success of the social media strategy can be called up directly with just a few clicks.”

The software thus ensures uniform communication across all social media platforms and shows the results of all activities and campaigns at a glance. The activities of the customers can be traced from the click of a message in the social network to the purchase, and the knowledge about social media behavior can be integrated directly into your own customer relationship management (CRM). A clearly defined role and rights management also enables the approval of any employees and external service providers as well as the subsequent distribution of tasks according to responsibility. “EC-social” can be linked to other software solutions (Google Analytics, Omniture, Salesforce, etc.), which means that campaigns can be implemented in a highly personalized manner.