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Changes in the AppStore ranking

Changes in the AppStore ranking

Everything indicates that Apple has made significant changes to the algorithms responsible for displaying the list of the most popular AppStore applications.

Such a conclusion arises after analyzing this list over the last few days. In a short time, the most popular applications so far fell in this ranking and were replaced by completely new ones. It is unlikely that such a rotation in the ranking is the result of a change in the preferences of most users.

According to the suspicions published on the website insidemobileapps.com, Apple decided to follow new factors in the classification of these items. The new ranking takes into account not only the number of downloads of the application, but also the period of time that the application is on the phone of a particular user. This action is to ensure that only those applications are highlighted that users actually find useful and choose to keep on their mobile device.

If this suspicion turns out to be correct, customers will be more likely to be suggested by positions that occupy a high position in the ranking. It will be more certain that such an application has gained recognition from other users, and not only has been downloaded enough times to deserve a distinction.

Regardless of what algorithm Apple actually chose, it is certain that this change is aimed at improving the AppStore system, and thus providing greater convenience to customers.