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Chernobylite – 30 minutes from the Zone

Chernobylite – 30 minutes from the Zone

A long and meaningful gameplay compilation has arrived from Chernobylite that seeks to showcase every aspect of the game.

The 51 team at The Farm launched the Chernobylite His kickstarter campaign, which ultimately proved successful, is that twenty days before the deadline, he already has $ 100,000 requested to support the development. Of course, the Polish studio, previously known to Get Even, Painkiller: **** & Damnation and NecroVision, is no longer idle – to prove it, a half-hour gameplay compilation of the game has just been released.

Chernobylite – true to its name – will take place in and around Chernobyl, due to special events and the search for a missing girlfriend, we can return to the Zone, which the developers have built up extremely faithfully thanks to 3D scanning. The gameplay is built around survival, stealth, and discovery, and the garnish will be full of horror and sci-fi elements, so hopefully there will be no complaints about the atmosphere.

An early-release version of Chernobylite for PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms is expected to debut this fall.