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Chinese milk panchers court trust

Chinese milk panchers court trust

China’s major milk producers are trying to win back consumer confidence with a massive advertising campaign. Long spots have been running on Chinese television for a few weeks in which companies such as Mengniu and Yili explain the entire production chain.

are also shown in-house food inspectors who analyze the milk in high-tech laboratories. Officially three babies, other sources speak of four, died. Thousands had to be treated in hospitals. They had developed kidney stones as a result of consuming milk powder diluted with melamine. The scandal had been hushed up for months, and now Chinese consumer confidence is gone. Those who can afford it switch to imported and therefore significantly more expensive products.

Criticize in internet blogs angry Chinese not only the milk adulterators, but also the stars who had advertised the products that had now fallen into disrepute. Mengniu advertised the Chinese space program, with the help of which the first walk in space was possible just a few weeks ago. Mengniu, one of Asia’s largest food producers, boasted that the company’s milk from Inner Mongolia was the drink of the taikonauts, who are revered as heroes in China.

Yili, one of the official Olympic sponsors, on the other hand, had banked on the popularity of the most well-known Chinese athletes in the context of the Beijing Games. NBA basketball player Yao Ming or four-time Olympic champion in diving Guo Jingjing promoted milk from local production. They, too, are now losers in the milk scandal, wrote a journalist for the China Daily.

On the Internet, blog authors draw bitter conclusions. Chinese sports fans watched in horror on television as the country’s greatest idol, hurdle sprinter Liu Xiang, writhing in pain on the tartan track in Beijing. Now everything is clear, according to www.chillycraps.com: Liu Xiang promoted Yili, Liu Xiang had to give up, so Yili milk contains toxic melamine.

By the way, the slogan which could be read on the Yili advertising posters with Liu Xiang read: Yili quality – Olympic standard.

About the author: Frank Hollmann is a correspondent for absatzwirtschaft in Beijing

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