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Cindy Crawford parodies Pepsi’s Super Bowl spot

Cindy Crawford parodies Pepsi’s Super Bowl spot

Hardly any product has been advertised more excessively than cola for decades. The Pepsi spot with Cindy Crawford produced for the 1992 Super Bowl is legendary. 24 years later, the retired supermodel re-enacted the clip with British comedian James Corden “The Late Late Show”.

There’s one thing about nostalgia: Everything was better in the old days, like in the early 90s. Bill Clinton had just been elected president, the American economy was booming, and the era of supermodels had begun.

How one went together with the other could be seen in the legendary Super Bowl spot by Pepsi. The 25-year-old Cindy Crawford, indisputably the icon among supermodels at the time, got a cold can of Coke from a machine at a gas station and drank the brown shower, only wearing hot pants and a tank top, in the blazing summer sun as relish as only a model beauty can do it.

“Is that a great new Pepsi can, or what?” Amazed two boys who attended the show – and supposedly only admired the shape of the new can.

24 years later the world is different – but some things have stayed the same: Hillary Clinton is running for the presidency instead of Bill, the Super Bowl is still the most important sporting event in the USA – and Cindy Crawford is still Cindy Crawford.

As if the two and a half decades hadn’t existed, the now almost 50-year-old climbs out of her sports car at the gas station in the same outfit in the remake of the cult commercial, which ran on Sunday in “The Late Late Show” directly after the Super Bowl finale . But this time the Pepsi machine gets stuck.

The supermodel gets help from her co-driver, who is played by the British comedian James Corden, the host of the Late Late Show – and, funnily enough, appears in the same outfit as Crawford.

At Corden, this means extremely disadvantageous: full commitment to the killer plum! In order to avoid speculation about where the belly fat comes from, Corden Crawford snatches the coveted Pepsi away, selfishly in one go and ends the bizarre spectacle with a full burp.

“Is that a great new Pepsi can, or what?” The two schoolboys are amazed again. Humor is well known when you laugh anyway … Crawford had already announced the spot on her Instagram account at the weekend.

Meanwhile, Pepsi responded professionally to the winking spot, which does not exactly make the brown shower in the form of Cordens Cola belly look in the best light. “We love the remake of Cindy Crawford’s Pepsi classic. 24 years later and still the same great taste, ”tweeted the official Pepsi account.