Cloudflare introduces the free DNS “ for Families” which blocks malware and access to adult content.

Cloudflare is known primarily as a B2B company working to speed up and protect websites, but in recent years the internet infrastructure business has also focused on consumers. The company offers a VPN app for Android and iOS that allows anyone to use DNS – reportedly the fastest than any other. The service first appeared exactly two years ago.

To further increase the security of browsing the web using the resolver, the company has just introduced a new service for Families ( for Families), which blocks malware and adult content.

1.1.12 and are a response to user requests

Cloudflare says that after the introduction of, many people asked for options to block malware and adult content at the DNS address level. Therefore, the company decided to create two additional DNS services:

  • to block servers that distribute malware
  • to block adult content and malware.

You can set up custom DNS directly on your Android 9 or later phone, iPhone (iOS), and home router to use the service for free. You can find additional instructions for other devices below and on the Cloudflare website.

How to set up secure DNS from Cloudflare?

For IPv4:

Malware Blocking Only:
primary DNS:
additional DNS:

Malware and Adult Content Blocking:
primary DNS:
additional DNS:

For IPv6:

Malware Blocking Only:
primary DNS: 2606: 4700: 4700 :: 1112
additional DNS: 2606: 4700: 4700 :: 1002

Malware and Adult Content Blocking:
primary DNS: 2606: 4700: 4700 :: 1113
additional DNS: 2606: 4700: 4700 :: 1003

The company has also promised to offer additional setup options, such as creating your own whitelists and blacklists for specific websites along with custom schedules so that you and your kids can only access social media at certain times of the day.

There is also an alternative service for and an alternative family option that combines all of these services – NextDNS – the beta version of the private DNS resolution app is now free.


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