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Color OS 12 Beta Review – the future of OPPO.. and OnePlus


Color OS 12 Beta Review – the future of OPPO.. and OnePlus

That’s what OPPO did, taking advantage of the release of Android 12 OPPO launches its ColorOS 12 which we are already testing in the powerful and exuberant Oppo Find X3 Pro. Changes in design and user interface The first thing that stood out to me it was the new, streamlined design – which OPPO claims is more inclusive.

OPPO and Oneplus will soon start sharing ColorOS and so it’s not surprising that companies are turning their already very versatile and functional Android skin into something even better. There’s no better time to release new software than when a new Android version is released. That’s what OPPO did, taking advantage of the release of Android 12, OPPO launches its ColorOS 12 which we are already testing in the powerful and exuberant Oppo Find X3 Pro.

In this article you will find:

Principles ColorOS

•Efficient: With a focus on improving user efficiency, ColorOS aims to facilitate easy task completion, provide quick and effective access to services and information, and provide an effortless user experience.

• Convenient: To serve the core needs of target users, ColorOS is designed to be simple and subtle, providing a convenient and easy-to-use experience.

• Simple: A deep understanding of user habits shapes the intuitive, easy-to-understand, and concise design, making it simple for users to understand on-screen content, get started quickly, and enjoy a more natural experience.

Struggling with translation?#ColorOS12’s screen translate function is here for you, with just one click 🤩 #JustSync pic.twitter.com/bOHIz6GX7W

— ColorOS (@colorosglobal) October 11, 2021

Design and user interface changes

The first thing that stood out to me was the new, streamlined design – which OPPO claims is more inclusive. I believe this statement is related to the fact that OPPO is now working with a team of linguistic experts that allows for a more accurate, contextual UI in 67 languages, including, of course, Portuguese from Portugal.

Inclusive Design Language

Based on an internationalized approach, ColorOS 12 uses an entirely new framework to emphasize inclusivity. Page layout and interactions in ColorOS 12 have been revamped to include more space. The result is a clean, cluttered UI that lets users focus on the information they need, when they need it.

ColorOS is offered in 67 languages, with UI content and copy localized for each language. As for the design, OPPO has redesigned the layout of its original applications such as Phone and Settings. We have just the right amount of white space and a strong emphasis on ensuring there is functional simplicity across all screens, this must have been quite a challenge as there are languages ​​where words are longer.

I am pleased and surprised by the details in the UI design with a functional organization and clean typography. OPPO also changed the icons from flat design to 3D. The idea is to make them look like buttons. In addition, application names also have a slight shadow. Floating windows also have rounded edges. In fact, there is coherence between all points of the interface to convey a continuous and unbroken user experience.

For those of you who have owned a OnePlus and liked the OxygenOS interface, please know that OPPO has brought some good OxygenOS details to ColorOS 12. That said, OPPO has imported some features and optimizations from the OnePlus system.

The most important is the way the animations are presented. OPPO describes this animation system in Color OS 12 as Quantum Animation Engine 3.0, which is very natural and intuitive – it looks a lot like Oxygen OS. It looks like OPPO has used the best OnePlus phones for this new software update. And that’s also why Color OS 12 is so good.

Another feature is the Portrait Silhouette setting in Always-On Display mode, which is basically another word for customizing Canvas on Oxygen OS.

ColorOS 12 like Android 12 and the Material You Theming Engine the phone selects the colors of elements based on the wallpaper tones. (Material You is currently exclusive to Google Pixel phones).

It works great and the theme automatically adjusts itself when the user changes the wallpaper. Color OS 12 and Oxygen OS 12 have the new Inventive Wallpaper feature that automatically creates custom wallpapers based on the image.

Also, it seems redundant that Color OS 12 and Oxygen OS 12 continue to have a separate theme store. But I can see that it’s not easy to merge all the features of both systems in record time.

It is one of the most popular mobile operating systems in the world today, with over 440 million users in 68 countries/regions.

Visual Noise Reduction

One of the central ideas around the ColorOS 12 design has been the reduction of visual noise. By fine-tuning the colors and adjusting the density of the information, the design team created a streamlined layout that allows key information to stand out.

Spacing increase: The information density is reduced

Easy-to-read information layout: Larger fonts and greater contrast between texts for an efficient browsing experience

Prioritized coloring: Bright colors are used to highlight primary information and dark colors are used for secondary information, while a consistent color style is used for information at the same level of hierarchy.

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Useful resources

While design is undoubtedly one of its strengths, Color OS 12 comes with features that deserve the best attention: some new, some improved, with additional functionality. For example, OPPO’s 3-finger screenshot and built-in translation have been extended to Smart Sidebar. This is extremely useful to us here at BestyGame as we are always on the lookout for rumors and leaks that can appear in literally any language.

There’s also a new Background Stream option that appears in the smart sidebar when we’re watching a video on a streaming application like YouTube, Netflix or Prime. What that means is that they can hear the video in the background. It works even if you don’t have a YouTube Premium account. Very good!

As one of the first OEM operating systems built on the stable version of Android 12, ColorOS 12 was released worldwide on October 11, 2021.

Floating windows have been around for a while, but in Color OS 12 you can scale the size simply by dragging from the corner. You can even drag and drop a photo from the Photos app into any supported floating window. For example, Gmail.

Android 12 Features

Accessibility features have been divided into four easy-to-interpret segments and OPPO has also included GIFs to make it easier to understand the function of these features.

Privacy and security updates

ColorOS 12 provides 100% integration with Android stock privacy features, along with OPPO’s proprietary Inclusive Design language and smart features designed to increase efficiency and productivity.

We are in 2021, OPPO could not neglect the implementation of privacy and security improvements:

  1. Firstly, we have the Android 12 Privacy Panel feature. This panel provides a comprehensive read-out of which apps have used the camera, microphone, location, and more. This is always useful and makes it easier to filter data and block access to dubious applications, if any.
  2. Second, they can share only approximate location data with applications if they so choose. What this means is that if a particular weather application needs location data to provide weather data, the application doesn’t need to know precisely where we are. Another very useful feature.
  3. Also, if any app uses the phone’s microphone or camera, we get an alert in the top notification bar.
  4. Finally, OPPO also uses the Security and Emergency Settings, which allow you to identify an Emergency Contact, include Medical Information and much more in the event of a health emergency.

performance upgrades

Every operating system update comes with some form of performance update or another. The first thing I noticed was the expandable RAM feature, which has been around for some time, but I wanted to point out that it’s included in the operating system. A very interesting thing that I also noticed is that the Game Mode has a tool that allows you to see the FPS data in real time.

Also new is a revamped battery panel that records daily usage statistics and battery consumption. OPPO also has a new AI System Booster built in collaboration with Google, which apparently:

We haven’t found a way to enable this feature, so I assume it’s background processing.

update schedule

Rumor has it that OPPO is trying to create a lighter version of Color OS 12 for four budget devices with lower RAM configurations. We will have to wait for a confirmation from OPPO to see if this really comes to fruition.


I like Color OS 12 more and more. And the fact that OPPO engineers are working closely with Google to ensure that the core features of Android 12 are also implemented is great news. The timing of this OPPO update almost paralleling the Android 12 release is commendable – even if it’s just a beta at the moment. More importantly, all the changes to the ColorOS operating system are confirmation that it will be the basis for the unified operating system for OPPO and OnePlus phones that will be announced in 2022.

The identity of Oxygen OS was erased in Oxygen OS 12. For all intents and purposes, Oxygen OS 12 is almost the same as Realme UI, which is just a variant of Color OS 12.

Color OS 12 is a big step in the right direction for OPPO phones and I think OnePlus users will benefit from joining this train.

What do you think of Color OS 12? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.