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Competition winners: Too Human

Competition winners: Too Human

In Too Human, the entire universe is controlled by a superior force of different robot races with all kinds of bad intentions. You play Baldur, a human who, with the help of biogenetic adaptations and powers, is a real nightmare for the aforementioned enemy. Together with a small rebel army you have to make sure that the hardware stores are scrapped and can no longer harm anyone.

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Too Human was released on August 29 for the Xbox 360.

In collaboration with Microsoft, we were able to give away three copies of this game to those who dare to transform themselves into Baldur, the main character of the game. For this you had to paint or photoshop yourself or someone else. In the end we got a lot of nice submissions (it’s always great to see what people are doing for a video game), from which we chose the following three winners;

    Anouk Smit from Amersfoort
    Jesper Kleijn from Heerhugowaard
    Jort Mulder from Duivendrecht

Contest winners congratulations!

Jesper Kleijn put his sister on the sensitive plate.

Jort Mulder did not dare to take a picture himself, so he came up with something clever. He put the Too Human stripes on his mirror, pulled a pillowcase over his head and became a haunting Too Human hero. In addition, everyone who walks into their bathroom and looks in the mirror now also gets the idea of ​​being a game hero. We hope for Jort that he has gotten the felt-tip pen off the mirror, otherwise we will soon receive a claim for damages from Ma Mulder…