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Console World with 22 stores and more than 50,000 products is waiting for you (x)

Console World with 22 stores and more than 50,000 products is waiting for you (x)

Hungary’s largest gaming store network now offers much more than video games, so that’s not the only reason to visit them.

THE Console world In a few years, it has become a major player in the Hungarian gamer market, and today we can find their name in every corner of the country: with a total of 22 stores, it is the largest video player store network in Hungary. can be found in a big city.

Nowadays, the store network has not only expanded significantly in terms of stores, but the product range has also been thoroughly expanded, as in addition to the console selection, PC gamers also have plenty to choose from. In addition to complete configurations and gaming laptops, components and accessories are available in a wide range, including headsets, mice, keyboards and other gamer peripherals.

In addition to video game products, there are plenty of other tech and geek delicacies waiting for customers. From smartwatches to smart TVs to official fan clothing and relics, there are a myriad of other products to choose from, not to mention the board games that are living their renaissance today, where in addition to eternal classics (e.g. Monopoly, Riziko) you can find favorites like Catan, Dixit or Gold Diggers. But the more than 50,000 products available include office supplies, smartphones, drones, books and comics, while the “Home” category includes small kitchen appliances, beauty products and smart home gadgets.

The massive product range can be browsed in touch-screen kiosks in three malls in Budapest (Westend, Árkád, KÖKI) (shown above), and you can even place an order on these innovative totems. Both innovation and customer satisfaction are important to the Console World: the store network, which has won the popularity award of the Country Store for the third year in a row, awaits those interested with extended warranty and merchandise services, as well as regular promotions and gifts. Moreover, it is possible to apply for a Console World MasterCard without the need for a contract, as well as providing exclusive discounts – although you can pay with it at any MasterCard acceptance point in the country.

So the Console World is already waiting for customers across the country with 22 stores, but the expansion is continuous, so further expansion can be expected in the future. In the meantime, feel free to browse the abundant offer in the online webshop or in any of the shops, and you can also meet the stands of the Console World at the largest Hungarian gaming events.