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Consumers appreciate and read customer magazines


Consumers appreciate and read customer magazines

Customer magazines are an important tool in retail communication. And they cause high manufacturing costs. The “CP 360 Grad” study – a joint project by the Siegfried Vögele Institute, TNS Emnid and Deutsche Post – provides new insights into the effectiveness of customer magazines. In a media comparison, they are better able to bring the brands and the company closer to the customer and to present the products in an attractive manner.

The magazines with the highest circulation from the food retail, drug / perfumery and other retail sectors were examined. Over 2,000 interviews revealed the influence of customer magazines on the sales funnel and on the image of the publishing company. The study thus provides a meaningful industry benchmark for the German market and a decision-making aid for the use and design of customer magazines in retail. According to Walter Freese from TNS Emnid, the magazines in the retail sector are consistently rated positively by their readers in direct comparison with other communication channels. The customer magazines examined had done very well in terms of both communicative and economic impact.

Customer magazines are particularly impressive because of their authenticity, information content, entertainment value and persuasiveness. With these qualities, they ranked number one among the examined communication instruments, even ahead of company websites. They increase the loyalty to a company and have a positive effect on the company’s image. Satisfaction and willingness to recommend the company are higher among readers than non-readers. According to information from Dr. Christian Holst from the Siegfried Vögele Institute allows the study design to carry out a special analysis for each company examined. The following questions will be investigated: What is the company’s image compared to the competition? How strong is the customer loyalty? Where are the “bottlenecks” in the sales funnel? “After all, customer magazines play a central role in the communications mix of the retail trade,” explains Holst, as they have been proven to encourage people to visit the point of sale or a company’s website. With an average reading time of 24.5 minutes, the magazines would attract a lot of attention. And 63.7 percent of readers would even recommend the magazine to a friend.