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Consumers don’t want to buy everything online

Consumers don’t want to buy everything online

There are product groups that consumers would be reluctant to buy online. The Nuremberg market research company Concept & Analysis and the online panel operator Respondi asked a thousand consumers about their willingness to buy certain goods online.

The result: groceries (30 percent), prescription drugs (27 percent), life insurance (26 percent) and fitted kitchens (18 percent) are goods that very few Germans want to purchase via the World Wide Web. Software (81 percent), fashion (75 percent), electronics (75 percent), travel (69 percent) and digital cameras (67 percent), on the other hand, are the five product groups that consumers are most likely to buy online.

For most goods, the market researchers observe an equal willingness to buy online among male and female consumers. Men and women show clear differences in fashion (men: 69 percent, women: 82 percent), consumer electronics (men: 78 percent, women: 68 percent), computers (men: 68 percent, women: 54 percent), over-the-counter medicines (men : 53 percent, women: 62 percent), erotic articles (men: 57 percent, women: 48 percent) and large furniture (men: 32 percent, women: 42 percent).

The results at a glance (question: which of the following items would you buy online? Top box (1 = yes, I would buy): software: 81 percent, fashion: 75 percent, electrical goods (small electrical appliances: 77 percent/consumer electronics: 73 percent): 75 percent, vacation travel: 69 percent, digital cameras: 67 percent, computers: 61 percent, over-the-counter medications: 57 percent, household appliances: 56 percent, small furniture: 56 percent, erotic items: 52 percent, vitamins/minerals: 38 percent, Wine/spirits: 37 percent Furniture: 37 percent Deli: 33 percent Auto insurance: 32 percent Grocery: 30 percent Prescription drugs: 27 percent Life insurance: 19 percent Kitchens: 18 percent.