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Control – Move again

Control – Move again

Almost half an hour of gameplay video has appeared on Youtube from Control, in which we can take a close look at the program.

One of the most interesting games of the year could be Control, which, like previous games from Remedy Entertainment like Alan Wake, will take place in a very special, mystical world.

The player takes on the role of Jesse Faden, who arrives in New York in search of his missing brother. The small salt was abducted by the FBC (Federal Bureau of Control) as a child. When Jesse arrives at the headquarters called “Oldest House,” he has to realize that the FBC is under supernatural attack by Hiss, and due to a strange coincidence, our protagonist will be the new director of government, plus supernatural abilities.

DualShockers has just released a nearly half-hour video in which, of course, we can see the Control on the move with RTX turned on. We can take a close look at the actions of the game, the special abilities, the solution of some tasks and of course the interaction between the characters.