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Control PC remotely with TeamViewer

Control PC remotely with TeamViewer

We teach you how to install and use Teamviewer, one of the most popular and renowned PC and smartphone remote control software on the planet, which also allows you to transfer files between computers or share a desktop.

TeamViewer how it works

Today we want to talk to you about TeamViewer, a useful software application with which you can connect to another computer or server anywhere on the planet. And in seconds!

This program, compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS and Android, allows a full range of options: remote control, desktop sharing or file transfer, even access to another computer running TeamViewer with a web browser .

As a feature, Teamviewer is cross-platform, is used by 90% of the Fortune 500 and has an ISO 9001 certified quality management system. It is available in more than 200 languages ​​and its use is simple, intuitive and fast. ensuring the quality of the remote control.

If you want use this program to work, transfer files or work side by side with another user located in another part of the world, we explain how to install Teamviewer in a handful of simple steps.

How to use TeamViewer

Surely many of you already know this popular application. What you may not all know is that it is available for Android and you can control your PC from your mobile or, control your phone from your PC. It supports 127 manufacturers of mobile devices, operating systems and IoT devices on the market today.

TeamViewer does not require a long and complex installation, or to open doors or make difficult configurations. Also, once installed, when you hover your mouse over an option, a blue box will appear briefly describing its function.

The first step you need to follow is log into to the they website and download TeamViewer. You can run it with its assistant, who will ask you what type of installation you want to perform and whether you will use it for private or commercial purposes.

1. Control PC remotely with TeamViewer to be mobile

The good thing about TeamViewer is that you can connect to control a computer remotely… The good thing about TeamViewer Android? That you can control a PC from your mobile anywhere. It’s very simple, download TeamViewer for Android from the Play Store. When we open it we will have a screen where we can enter an ID. We introduce the ID of the PC we want to connect to for remote control.

Once entered, we will do the same with the password. We will find all this on the user’s device to which we want to connect, which must also have Team Viewer installed.

Navigation on the computer is very simple and intuitive. It is possible that our computer screen could be much longer than our mobile, don’t worry, just turn the mobile or slide with your finger as if it were an image that we can move on the screen, making it quite simple.

Of course, we can use the digital keyboard of our mobile to type, search and use the computer as we would on it. Also at the top we will have the key options that we do not have in the virtual keyboard like Shift, Ctrl, Alt and the key Super. Make any kind of key combination possible, even if it is clear that it will not be as comfortable as a keyboard.

What other functions do we have besides moving to the desktop? Well all these:

2. How to control mobile from PC with TeamViewer

It can also be a PC controlled cellphone. Obviously for this we will have to install TeamViewer QuickSupport. The operation is the same, an ID and password will appear on our phone and we will enter it on our PC.

It will provide us with the navigation buttons even if we have not activated them on our phone. The operation is like using the phone with the touch, the same, but using a mouse. It is very intuitive, even more so than using it from an Android phone.

From the list of things we can do on the remote phone, the following can be highlighted:

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