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Controlling your home from Windows 10 might be closer than you think

Controlling your home from Windows 10 might be closer than you think

On some occasions it has been commented that if the voice assistants that little by little have been introduced in our mobile devices continue to evolve, one day we could get to control our house through them.

Well, this may not be as far as one might think a priori, something that has already been glimpsed at the technology fair CES 2016 recently held. All this can be carried out by combining various technologies that today are growing at a forced marches, it is the Internet of Things, Cortana, and Windows 10. It’s something about Microsoft is putting a lot of effort, since it intends that our homes become smart homes that could be controlled by means of voice commands through its assistant Cortana, all of this running under Windows 10.

That is why at the recently held CES 2016 in Las Vegas it has been seen that the company of Redmond is beginning to actively collaborate with Samsung to implement this plan as soon as possible. In this way, both companies intend that in a short time we can have a good number of smart appliances in our homes.

To achieve this, the two firms are supporting and joining forces in new projects based on the Internet of Things, presenting a washing machine controlled by Cortana, for instance. This would be one of the multiple electrical appliances that would interact with the user through Cortana and Windows 10, since this same thing is to be incorporated into the Fridge, to the TV, ovens, etc.

During the demonstration that took place in the THOSE, the executives of the two companies demonstrated to the public how the members of a family could control, through Cortana, the mentioned washing machine in a very simple way.

From Microsoft it has been confirmed that this is just the beginning of a collaboration that they hope will last over time, researching in this same field, all of which works on Windows 10, as they consider it to be the right platform for this purpose. According Terry myerson , Microsoft OS Group Leader, “We are very excited about today’s devices and are working toward the future. Together with Samsung we share a common vision for millions of devices to communicate with each other through various protocols and standards. All of this will serve to inspire the creativity of software developers and device manufacturers around the world. “

In principle, the project is very interesting for the user, but it also raises some security and privacy concerns for those who want to control their entire home by voice. We will see how this plan evolves in the coming months.

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