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CRC 2005 prize winners announced


CRC 2005 prize winners announced

For two weeks you had the chance to participate in the competition to loot CRC 2005 for the PC. From the large number of participants, we have made a selection with the correct answers. We selected the winners at random. Three lucky ones will receive the game on their doorstep soon. Then here are the prize winners:

Josita Baartman from Hoofddorp
André van der Stouwe from Dalfsen
Boudewijn Steenberg from Leeuwarden

The game will come to you as soon as possible!

For the people curious about the answers, they follow below:

In CRC 2005 it is possible to play your own music while playing. What format of music is this?
That was of course MP3

How many games has Invicitus already won with CRC 2005?
Their site featured six games including CRC 2005

It is possible to create your own multiplayer mod for CRC 2005. What programming language is this written in?
And that had to be Java

We admit quite frankly that the questions were a bit more difficult than the times before. It must of course always remain a challenge to win! ?