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Creative online advertising must not disturb users

Creative online advertising must not disturb users

40 percent of German Internet users want humorous advertising to appear on the screen. 35 percent consider informative advertising to be ideal, and 18 percent would like to be entertained through advertising communication. Disruptions are undesirable because two thirds of users like advertising that doesn’t interrupt. These results of a survey by the agency Eprofessional among 6,500 Internet users are supplemented by a current evaluation of online advertising: Every fourth user does not think that advertising has become more entertaining and creative.

According to Martin Hubert, managing director of the agency, a trend survey conducted by Eprofessional among 80 experts gives hope that online advertising will soon show more creativity: When asked what the most important ones are currently and in the next twelve months Trends in online marketing are 47 percent cited creativity in online advertising as a very relevant topic. This makes this aspect even more important than multi-channel tracking and re-targeting.

The significance of creativity for the online industry is also reflected in the new Ubercloud creative summit as a pre-event of Dmexco 2011. According to Christian Muche, Director Business Development, Strategy & International at Dmexco, the conference will “represent the nucleus of the new possibilities that arise in the digital era through new and increasingly digitally influenced forms of advertising and communication for an effective consumer approach”. Martin Hubert still sees too many standard formats and simple adaptations of classic motifs for the online channel in online marketing. “Creativity consists in spreading an advertising message in such a way that it catches the eye, speaks to you and leads to the desired action without being annoying,” he emphasizes. In the future, creative concepts are required that work for all channels.