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Cuphead’s long-awaited DLC is slipping


Cuphead’s long-awaited DLC is slipping

The Delicious Last Course will only be released in 2020, the developers want to keep the quality so far.

We have known for a relatively long time that the Cuphead DLC, a The Delicious Last Course, which we have been waiting for until 2019, but that has now changed, as Studio MDHR has announced that the release has been postponed to 2020.

The reason for the slippage is that developers want to keep the quality they are used to.

“Although we originally announced a release date for 2019 in connection with The Delicious Last Course supplement, our top priority is to bring this new adventure to the meticulous care and quality we have always strived for. We want to be absolutely sure that the new adventure will take place in the world of Cuphead and will be full of joy and surprise for the players. […] It wasn’t an easy decision, but we’re confident that the result will be a higher quality experience. “

The Delicious Last Course, featuring new levels, bosses, weapons, and a new playable character (Ms. Chalice), is on PC and Xbox One – so in principle, it won’t be released for the Switch version released in April, at least as of today. In addition to the announcement, we also received a new teaser video about DLC.