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Customers expect innovations in service


Customers expect innovations in service

The majority of Germans would not only welcome innovative service ideas and service offers from insurers – they also expect them. Only one in five Germans sees no need for innovations in the insurance sector. At the top of the wish list is information about products and offers. In this area alone, far more than one in three consider innovations to be desirable. The other areas of the relationship between customer and insurer also offer great potential.

This data was collected by the Servicerating agency, which surveyed 1,000 German citizens aged 16 and over. In the opinion of the Germans, the greatest need to develop innovative services is precisely in the initiation between policyholders and insurers. Overall, 38 percent of those surveyed wanted new solutions for everything to do with product information and offers. “When entering into a mostly long-term customer relationship, customers of the information age expect more than image advertising or glossy brochures. Searching customers want to find out more about what they can expect from a company’s products and services, ”explains Servicerating Managing Director Dr. Oliver Gaedeke the results. In second place on the innovation wish list of policyholders is advice on provision and risk protection. The endeavors of the industry to offer holistic advice and individual advice solutions derived from this would thus meet one of the most important customer needs. But around a quarter of Germans would also like to see further service innovations in the further phases of customer relationships.

Numerous insurers and their sales force have already taken on the high expectations of potential customers and developed service innovations. In order to adequately honor these efforts, the Cologne agency for the insurance industry has launched the “Service Innovation Prize 2011” competition. With the support of the IT service provider Adesso, all insurers and insurance distributors are offered the opportunity to apply for this competition with their new and outstanding services for customers or sales partners. “Many service innovations that have been developed in recent years for customers or sales partners, especially in the IT sector, are hardly known to the general public. The competition is therefore an excellent platform for the presentation of realized services in the insurance industry ”, says Michael Kenfenheuer, Co-CEO of Adesso.