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Cut online videos

Cut online videos

The arrival of smartphones on the market and as technology has advanced, the way in which we capture the best memories of our day to day has changed, dleaving compact cameras aside for the use of the smartphone both for taking photos and videos. Every year, the smartphone camera offers us better features, so it no longer makes sense to continue using compact cameras unless it offers us features that are currently not found in smartphones.

Increasing the resolution of the camera seems to be no longer a priority for manufacturers, who are focusing on increasing the quality of videos. But if we want to share videos, depending on their duration, we can be forced to cut them. To do this, on the Internet we can find different web services that allow us to do it quickly and easily. Here we show you how you cut videos online without having to install any application on our computer.

As is customary in this type of online services, in most cases it is necessary to have Adobe Flash installed on our computer if we want to be able to access these services. The only website where we must download the latest version of Flash is that of its developer, Adobe. You should never install a version of Flash, much less update a web page that recommends us to do so stating that it is obsolete. Flash integrates an update system that will notify us when it is necessary to install a new update of this software.

Web to Cut Video Online

Cutting Video Online offers us a tool that not only allows us to cut our video so that it is easier to share it, but also allows us rotate it from 90 to 270 degrees, trim a part of the video to make the video object more prominent, trim online videos from a URL or from Google Drive and it is compatible with most of the formats currently available on the market. The maximum file size that allows us to trim reaches 500 MB, a reasonable amount depending on the quality in which we have recorded the video.

Once we have uploaded the video and made all the modifications that the application allows us, we can select the quality and the format in which we want to download it, so that we can also use Cut Video Online to convert our videos to other formats without having to install any third-party application on our computer. Of course, the time that this operation will take will depend on the connection speed that we have contracted.


AConvert not only allows us to cut our favorite videos, but it is also a service that also allows us to rotate it, cut the most interesting area of ​​the video, in addition to allowing us to divide it into two or more videos. The problem is that all those processes that we have to do independently and not together as we can do with the service in the previous section. Not only does it allow us to upload a file and trim it, but it also allows us to enter a URL where the video that we want to trim is located and, incidentally, download. This service it does not require Adobe Flash to work.


VideoToolbox is another of the best online services that we can find on the internet when cutting our videos without having to download any type of application. This service allows us to upload videos of up to 600 MB in the following formats: 3GP, AMV, ASF, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, M4V, MP4, MPEG, MPG, RM, VOB, WMV. In addition, it also allows us to extract the audio and add a new one, add subtitles, capture the videos, change the codec format, add a watermark, the resolution and logically cut any part of the video to leave only the one that interests us the most. .


Kioza’s online video editor, a service that also offers us a service to edit photos online, also allows us to cut the videos to leave only the most important part of the video, but also allows us add transitions in the form of a book, motion, blinds … if we have more than one video in the editor, we can also add effects such as fireworks, bokeh, swirl, glitters …

We can also add texts, animations and music. In addition, and if that were not enough, we can also combine both photographs and videos to create spectacular videos. The operation of this online video editing service is very simple, since to add each of the effects we just have to drag them to the part of the video where we want to include it.


Wincreator offers us an online video editor with which we can cut the part of the video that we are not interested in. The formats compatible with .wmv, mp4, mpg, avi … This service It offers us a limitation of 50 MB when cutting videos, so it is ideal for small videos and if we do not intend to add any other effect, rotate it or cut a specific area of ​​the video in question. Wincreator also does not need Adobe Flash to cut our favorite videos.


Magisto offers us a different video editor than usual, since it allows us to edit our videos in three steps. First we must select the video from our hard drive or from our storage account in Google Drive. In the next step we can cut out the most interesting area of ​​the video and add the theme that best suits what we are looking for. In the third and last step, we must select the soundtrack that will accompany our video. Unlike other services, in order to use Magisto, we must register, either with our Facebook account or through our Gmail account. It does not require Adoble Flash to work.


With ClipChamp we can not only upload any video and edit it, but we can also record through the webcam of our computer. As for the options that ClipChamp offers us, we find the possibility of cropping videos, cropping an area of ​​the screen, rotating the video, flipping it or adjusting the brightness and contrast levels. Like Magisto, in order to use this service, we must register through our Facebook or Gmail account, something that can backtrack more than one to be able to use this service. It also does not require Adobe Flash Player.