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Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition PC

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition PC

Dark Souls. One of the hardest games of the last few years gets a new edition: Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition. The game, which has just been released for PC, will also return to consoles later this year. The key question is, of course, are you going to wait for that, or will you get the PC version?

This is a PC review and it is very important to me that a game actually works for the PC. There are games that are specially made for the PC, but also games that run on the PC, but are actually not suitable for our platform at all. Unfortunately, Dark Souls: Prepare to Die falls under the latter category. That I place Dark Souls in the second category becomes clear when you start the game. The navigation in the main menu is almost impossible. Where I have to use combinations of buttons like the END key, backspace and q or e. This way I’ve already spent ten minutes searching for buttons that appear in my interface as Xbox 360 buttons! And I haven’t even played the game for a second. The resolution cannot be adjusted either and there are black spots everywhere in the image. Something that makes the game almost unplayable. Fortunately, a fix can be found online, made by the community itself. It’s a shame that the developer didn’t polish these kind of flaws themselves before making the game available to the general public.

Dark Souls is known for throwing as many monstrosities at you as possible in an attempt to kill you. In other words: the game is really hard! You will notice this immediately when you start the game. Parry, dodge and counter are all about parrying from the start. You won’t make it with a ‘Hack and Slash’ strategy a la God of War. Timing your attacks and thinking out strategies in advance is an absolute must if you want this game to come to a successful conclusion.

Impossible Button Combinations

Dark Souls doesn’t put you in the game as a rookie. It gives you a lot of attacks and parry possibilities. That’s nice, if you can use them. The button combinations are impossible to perform on the PC, provided you connect an Xbox 360 controller. The game lets you die in this way more often because of ‘ignorance’ than because of the difficulty level and that is of course a serious loss. It wouldn’t have been a bad idea to put ‘Xbox 360 Controller needed to play’ on the cover of the box, because you won’t make it to the end of the game this way.

What the game does do well is implement a system that will shower you with rewarding praise. Dying twenty times and then finally finishing that one boss gives you an overwhelming feeling. The game often makes you feel small and powerless, but if you do manage to reach the end of a level, you secretly want a soft ‘yes!!’ shoot out of your mouth. The well-known loot is also a must have for a game like this and that is also very satisfying.


The fact that the game Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition is a good game is clear. The incredibly good reward system is perfectly implemented and the atmosphere is good. Whether this game got a good port is a different story. The controls are impossible, the menus are uncontrollable and the settings cannot be adjusted properly without downloading an essential fix from a community website. If you want to get the game, ask yourself one thing very carefully. Do you like real PC games or games that can also run on the PC? It is also wise to purchase an Xbox controller, if you do not have one at your disposal. Do you also have a console at home? Then wait for that version that sees the light on October 26.