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Data handling and performance values ​​are decisive for the future of the online advertising market


Data handling and performance values ​​are decisive for the future of the online advertising market

“The results of this year’s Foma Trend Monitor show that the demand for digital media services among companies remains high. The triumphant advance of mobile devices is driving this positive development forward, ”says Manfred Klaus about the latest expert survey by the specialist group on-line media agencies (Foma) in the BVDW, which he is chairman of. Currently, digital out of home (84 percent) and audio digital (69 percent) are the most important environmental trends. Both areas are said to have the greatest potential for the next five years.

For the “Foma Trend Monitor 2013”, 33 experts from online media agencies in managerial positions were interviewed. Digital Out of Home is considered to be particularly promising in combination with mobile, while the long dwell times are valued for digital audio. Wearable technology (e.g. glasses and watches) is not yet allowed to achieve critical mass, but is considered to be future-oriented due to its proximity to the user. Sascha Jansen, Deputy Chairman of Foma, sees both data protection and the quality of online advertising as a basic requirement for the future viability of the digital economy.

Search, video and display are currently the most important

Digital advertising is an integral part of the media mix. More than a third of the media agency representatives surveyed (78 percent) indicated that digital advertising is currently in high or high demand from their customers. For 2014, Foma is forecasting total growth in the digital market of eleven percent compared to the previous year. 90 percent of the experts see the greatest growth potential for online advertising spending in the next two years in the retail and shipping industry. 86 percent cite the field of services. Three quarters (75 percent) see an increase in the online share of the media mix in tourism and gastronomy.

Search advertising is currently seen as the most important online advertising measure (97 percent), followed by video advertising (84 percent) and display advertising (78 percent). Exactly two thirds find advertising relevant in social media environments. According to estimates by the experts, the importance of search (91 percent), display advertising (56 percent) and affiliate marketing (28 percent) will decrease in five years.

The Foma experts see a significant increase in the importance of mobile advertising in the next five years. 84 percent of those surveyed believe that advertising on mobile-enabled websites will be very important in five years’ time (plus 38 percentage points). 78 percent assume this for advertising in smartphone apps (plus 41 percentage points), three quarters (75 percent) for ads in tablet apps (plus 38 percentage points). There is also an increase in video advertising (plus 6 percentage points) and social media advertising (plus 9 percentage points).

Performance campaigns are booming, image campaigns are catching up

94 percent of Foma experts currently attach great importance to performance-oriented campaigns. 91 percent say that the relevance will still be great five years from now. Image-oriented campaigns, on the other hand, are currently rated highly by just under three quarters of those surveyed (72 percent). However, 84 percent anticipate an increase in importance in five years.

The experts consider topics relating to data handling and performance values ​​to be particularly relevant for the further development of the online advertising market. Currencies for evaluating online contacts are urgently needed, as all respondents agree on. For 97 percent each, targeting, brand relationship management in social networks and audience verification are also very important. Other central issues are data protection and standardized data exchange for 94 percent of the agency representatives. 91 percent consider customer journey tracking and ad visibility to be relevant.

Data protection and measurability as major challenges

In the survey, the agency experts should also use open statements to comment on where they see the greatest challenges for digital advertising. In order for this to remain sustainable at all, value and quality are necessary, according to the respondents. This aims both at the advertising acceptance on the part of the user and at the data protection. In addition, the online media planner deals with the issue of evidence of advertising effectiveness, especially for cross-media campaigns.

All details and the current market forecast from the “Foma Trend Monitor 2013” ​​will be presented on September 18 at the Dmexco in the “Online Mediatrends 2014” seminar. The survey results will then be available for download on the homepage of the Federal Association of the Digital Economy (www.bvdw.org).

(BVDW / asc)