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Dealer management system brings future-oriented change


Dealer management system brings future-oriented change

Fahrzeug-Werke Lueg AG recently launched the SAP DBM-based dealer management system “S&T Carbon DBM” with a “big bang” campaign. For this purpose, all core process areas of the auto trading group (vehicle sales, workshop, parts, warranty and financial accounting) for the brands Mercedes-Benz, Smart (used cars), Ferrari and Maserati have been converted at 18 locations in Germany.

One of the decisive factors for the smooth change was the tailor-made migration of the more than 80 related objects with a data history of more than 30 years. Thus, more than 40 interfaces to manufacturers and external providers now ensure maximum consistency of business processes. In a project duration of just nine months, the Mercedes-Benz dealer and IMG, Consulting Services of S&T, succeeded in mapping all processes with S&T Carbon DBM, training around 1,100 employees in the Lueg Academy and ensuring a pioneering system change .

This success was made possible by the stable SAP DBM platform, the high fit of the carbon add-on for the car trade, as well as a tight project organization and the support of top management from Lueg and SAP AG. Further success factors are the close interaction between the more than 30 IMG consultants, around 100 Lueg project participants and an accompanying change management with Ergon Consulting for the transformation of the processes.

With the introduction of one of the most modern dealer management systems, the course for the future of Lueg has been set correctly. Because the transparency gained across all brands, locations and business areas enables integral and result-oriented self-management at all levels. S&T Carbon DBM thus gives the ability to work more efficiently and profitably and paves the way for the implementation of the corporate strategy of the automotive trading group with sales of more than 23,000 vehicles and a total turnover of 593 million euros in 2008 for more growth.