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  5. Denzel Washington rocks Apple TV+’s The Tragedy of Macbeth

Denzel Washington rocks Apple TV+’s The Tragedy of Macbeth

Denzel Washington rocks Apple TV+’s The Tragedy of Macbeth

Campaign concept refers to the time of a university student

The University Center of Belo Horizonte – UniBH recently launched the campaign for the 2012 entrance exam, with the motto: “The best years of your life.”

The campaign’s concept refers to the time of university students, when young people make good friendships, engage in social causes, date and can enjoy cultural life more intensely. Following this idea, the Plan B agency, responsible for UniBH’s online communication, presented a different digital solution, a photonovel available on the network.

The creation has four episodes and addresses intellectual, emotional, social and cultural themes. Each episode has an average of eight scenes. Story Line was discussed by an agency team, with about ten professionals, from the areas of Creation, Planning, Social Media and New Business.

“In the end, we use parts of each one’s stories and insert the client’s values. It was the first time I worked with script and fiction professionally and I found it very enjoyable. It was a very nice exercise”, analyzes the editor Kátia Resende.

The plot was filmed and photographed by art director Allyson Hissashi. “The images of the photonovel have animated gifs. This feature greatly enhances the scenes, as it allows a sense of movement, of modernity. We also used a drawing style for the characters, with an iPhone app. In each frame, we have the photo, the animated gif, and the characters in drawing”, he explains.

Upon entering the fotonovela website, the public can share the stories on social networks and register to receive emails about upcoming episodes, in addition to having access to all information about the entrance exam, the courses offered and UniBH. In the first month of publication, between 10/17 and 11/16, there were more than 345 registrations to receive the continuation of the stories, which were shared by more than 115 users and displayed more than 32,290 times on the hotsite and social networks.

Plan B was also responsible for customizing all UniBH channels (website, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Formspring) with the theme and colors of the institution’s new entrance exam campaign.