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Developers have the future of the Apple Watch in their hands


Developers have the future of the Apple Watch in their hands

The Apple Watch needs a “killer app” that turns the smartwatch into a must-have device

Although major companies and their analysts already predict record sales for the Apple Watch during its first year, I have not yet found anyone outside the tech world who is clear about whether they are going to buy the Apple Watch, and very often I find the he asks “what is that for?” What is the Apple Watch for? Do you give us objective reasons to get hold of it as soon as it is available?

The answer right now is absolutely no, The Apple Watch is not a must-have device right now, and that is something that also happens to the rest of the smartwatch. However, to tell the truth, there are very few technological products that deserve the category of «must-have», being smartphones one of the few valid examples that we can find, and obviously that label has been earned with years and years of presence. in the market.

So what does the Apple Watch need to succeed? Who does your success depend on? Manzana? Price? No, most of the apple watch success will be determined by what developers are able to do with it. With the recent release of WatchKit, the developers have already been able to begin to investigate the possibilities of the smartwatch and its implications that it could have on our daily routine.

Many of you will still remember the launch of the App Store and what it meant for iPhone sales and growth. Under the slogan “there’s an app for that,” Apple was able to turn electronic entertainment into the most widespread form of entertainment and applications as the standard of that technological revolution. They were useful, fast and covered almost any user need. In short, they sold iPhones.

Developers need to win back all those who have not worn a watch for years

Within the possible potential audiences of the Apple Watch, the developers have a difficult challenge ahead: to convince again all those who have not worn a watch for years. Many users, including myself, stopped using a watch years ago when we saw that our smartphone perfectly supplied this function. For us, the conception of a watch was much more functional than aesthetic, so by being able to replace its main function with our smartphone, that need to carry it simply disappeared.

With the Apple Watch, the door opens again for many of us to look at the clock with a certain curiosity and stop conceiving it as an instrument solely intended to give us the time. And this is where developers come in and the applications that can make our daily lives a little easier and, why not, fun.

Surely, this is Apple’s most difficult audience and the one that will definitely make the difference between the success or failure of the Apple Watch. For the rest of the people who wear the watch as another accessory or fashion accessory, the Apple Watch is capable enough of offering reasons for itself to justify its purchase: interchangeable straps, customizable dials and a fantastic design.

Now we want to know your opinion, what do you think will mark the success of the Apple Watch? What kind of audience are you?