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devolo records an incredible 40 million powerline adapters sold


devolo records an incredible 40 million powerline adapters sold

0,000,000, setting a new record.

A new milestone for devolo: the German home networking specialist has sold its powerline adapter number 40,000,000, setting a new record. The products transmit the Internet signal through the existing electrical network, transforming any outlet in a home or apartment into an access point to the global data network.

“Whether it’s in the basement, the kitchen or the kids’ bedroom, people want to take advantage of powerful WiFi and high-speed Internet connections,” commented Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG. “With our ‘Internet from Plug’ solutions, we benefit from this trend towards the full home network.”

As one of the world’s first suppliers, devolo relies on the latest high-performance chips that support the G.hn standard. This chip is considered to be the future of home networks through existing cabling such as the electrical network. devolo is therefore moving towards new dimensions of speed and reach: one of the biggest German computer magazines featured products from devolo magic series as “the fastest powerline adapters we have ever tested” and, in Portugal, the main publications in the sector were equally unanimous regarding the quality and speed offered by this new generation of devolo.

devolo was founded in Aachen, Germany, in 2002, and operates in the smart home and smart grid, in addition to the home grid. Smart grid solutions are aimed at energy providers and metering point operators. devolo offers them a complete portfolio of smart electricity meters as well as data transmission and encryption products.

devolo Magic: availability and prices

devolo Magic adapters for home users are already available in Magic 1 and Magic 2 variants in physical stores and online. For setting up a new Magic home network, the Starter Kit with two adapters is a great choice – the price is €199 for the devolo Magic 2 WiFi and €149 for the devolo Magic 1 WiFi. Adapters can also be purchased individually to expand your home network. Also, there are Magic 1 and Magic 2 series as pure LAN variants.

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