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Did Marc Newson design the “leaky” iPhone 5c cases?

Did Marc Newson design the “leaky” iPhone 5c cases?

The new Nike sneakers designed by Marc Newson share one aspect in common with the iPhone 5c cases: the holes

The iPhone 5c has been a controversial product for many reasons. In the first place, it meant Apple’s return to the use of plastic after the use of more premium materials such as glass, steel or aluminum. Second, its $ 500 price tag seemed too high for a device that was basically an iPhone 5 with year-old technology and worse materials. Finally, the peculiar perforated covers.

I still remember the presentation of the iPhone 5c and the great stir that was formed on social networks when Apple unveiled the covers that would accompany the device. That leaky design did not convince either the media or usersWell, it didn’t seem like something that went too well with Apple’s way of doing things. However, you already know what is usually said: about tastes – designs – there is nothing written.

What does all this have to do with Nike and Marc Newson? Simple, the sports company has recently presented a new model of sneakers baptized with the name of Zvezdochka. This new line of sneakers has a really peculiar design: it is full of holes. Guess who was responsible for its design? Exactly, Marc Newson.

This fact has led many to wonder if Newson was the one who really is behind the design of the iPhone 5c casesWell, we all know the great friendship that joins Jony Ive, Apple’s vice president of design. All this, of course, would have happened long before Newson officially joined Apple’s design team, news that we highlighted last September.

Newson reportedly designed the iPhone 5c cases before officially joining Apple’s design team

Curiously, a week ago we highlighted an equally curious fact in relation to Newson, since apparently an expert in watches and an industrial engineer would recognize many features of Newson’s work on the Apple Watch, implying that this could actually be behind the design of the apple smartwatch.

As highlighted in Cult of Mac, it is highly likely that Newson was able to design the iPhone 5c cases, as they really do not resemble anything the company has done to date in terms of design. What is your opinion? Could Newson be behind the leaky iPhone 5c cases?