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Discount retailer launches mobile couponing

Discount retailer launches mobile couponing

Netto Marken-Discount is the first German retailer to offer its customers the option of redeeming coupons with mobile phones and smartphones directly at the checkout in a closed solution. The mobile couponing application provided by Valuephone GmbH is the latest component of the mobile loyalty concept implemented by Netto Marken-Discount, which already includes the promotion manager, the shopping list manager and the address manager.

After an intensive pilot phase in several test markets, the new mobile couponing app is available to all customers of the brand discounter and can be downloaded from the iTunes Appstore, Microsoft Zune, Android Market or my-netto.de, among others. The coupons that were previously loaded onto the mobile phone or smartphone can be redeemed directly at the cash register.

The promotion manager, with which customers have been able to find out about the current offers in their Netto market for a year, was renamed Netto Shopping-Manager at the same time and now also offers an integrated Netto shopping list and the possibility of getting their own receipts on the phone. Netto did not have to invest in additional hardware, as Valuephone provides the entire infrastructure and offers the software solutions as cloud-based “Software as a Service”. The connection of the cash register systems took place through the integration of the Valuephone-POS-Plugin in the standard solution GK / Retail of the GK Software AG.