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Discounters are revolutionizing retail

Discounters are revolutionizing retail

Management consultant Ulrich Eggert has announced a “retail revolution” after examining the strategies of discounters in Germany. His latest study “Future Discount” explains the success of the discounters in German retail and their “drawer strategies” that are precisely tailored to the buyer. The study forecasts future developments in this area.

by Ulrich Eggert

In the last 15 years, discounters have captured a market share of 43 percent in self-service food retail, opened more than 15,000 new branches and created the largest range of services in German retail. “The rest of the trade is missing out on this train again,” claims Eggert, “because pure consumer goods sales are stagnating in Germany.” higher social security contributions and price increases when shopping behave smartly and use their money strategically.

Ulrich Eggert made a name for himself for 32 years working for BBE-Unterneh¬mensberatung GmbH, Cologne. Last year he founded Ulrich Eggert Consulting, for which he continues his work as an independent management consultant, trend researcher and trainer under the motto “Identify the future – shape the future”. Earlier this year, Ulrich Eggert presented the “Luxury Sales” strategy study, in which he dealt with the importance of mass-produced items and discount products for luxury.
The study comprises 300 pages and 207 overviews. It can be ordered digitally (585 euros) or printed and bound (750 euros) from Ulrich Eggert, An der Ronne 238, 50859 Cologne; Telephone: 02234/94 39 37, fax: 02234/94 89 533, [email protected] If you order by June 30, 2008, you will receive a discount of 135 euros. The offer form is available for download at www.ulricheggert.de.