The new title of Freehold Games is not only a simple role-playing game, but also and above all an excellent candidate for the throne of best roguelike on the mobile platform. Widely awarded by critics, Sproggiwood is an adventure set in a world inspired by Finnish mythology.

The player will play the role of a simple farmer on the island of Clog, and a series of unfortunate events lead him to a village built by Sproggi, the spirit of the forest. Imprisoned by the latter, our virtual alter-ego will have to tame the wild creatures present in the forests for his safety.

A somewhat atypical lore for a title that does not take itself too seriously from the point of view of the setting, but that knows how to test its users thanks to randomly generated dungeons filled with monsters and traps, tons of collectibles, a turn-based tactical combat system and six different classes. Its main strength is certainly the gameplay, which promises play sessions completely customizable in the timing, so much so that each phase can last from five minutes to two hours according to the player’s needs.

On the other hand, the price is salty: € 9.99 on the App Store e € 11.04 they are not popular figures on smartphones and tablets but, considering that Sproggiwood is priced at € 14.99 on Steam, this can all be seen as a decent saving. Give it a chance if you love the genre, you won’t regret it at all.


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