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  5. Discover this interactive Apple Watch demo if you can’t wait to get it

Discover this interactive Apple Watch demo if you can’t wait to get it

Discover this interactive Apple Watch demo if you can’t wait to get it

Piper News developers create an interactive Apple Watch so we can play with its interface

There are still a few months left for the Apple Watch to reach our hands, or maybe I should say to our wrists. After the latest rumor that points to the month of March as the most likely launch date of the device in the United States, it seems that the rest of us will have to continue waiting, at least, until the middle of the year to be able to tie the promising watch to our wrist. smart apple.

If your wait is as agonizing as ours is being, you are in luck, because we bring you a fully interactive demo of the Apple Watch that will allow us to “play” with the peculiar and renewed interface of the apple smartwatch. The creators of this online demo are the same developers behind the Pipes News iOS news app.

When entering the web page we can see a replica of the Apple Watch and its home screen based on that “universe of applications” that Apple introduced last September. By sliding our finger or mouse over the clock screen – although we recommend using the desktop version – we will be able to see how the applications move, an attempt to convey that “fluid and alive” feeling that Jony Ive referred to in the video of presentation.

By clicking on the Digital Crown, we can return to the home screen at any time. The developers have also tried recreate the appearance of many of the apps that are shown on the screen, so you can enter most of them and see how their interface looks. We recommend you take a look at the Mail, Phone, Activity app and of course the clock.

The demo allows us to enter the apps, use the Digital Crown, show the Glances and observe the notifications

On the left you will also find 4 buttons that activate different functions. The first of them opens the Pipes app on the Apple Watch, the second allows us see the glances and slide through them, the third shows us an example of receiving a notification and the fourth allows us to add our own icon to the clock through a personalized image.

Without a doubt, it is a good approximation to the experience of interacting with an Apple Watch and seeing what some of the corners of your operating system will look like. Of course, the most fundamental part of the whole experience is missing: feeling it on our wrist.