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Discovering small details of the Apple Watch from the hand of Turlington Burns

Discovering small details of the Apple Watch from the hand of Turlington Burns

The model Turlington Burns narrates her day to day with the Apple Watch through her online diary

Surely many of you know the name of Christy Turlington Burns, because this well-known American model was with Tim Cook on the stage of the last keynote talking about the Apple Watch. Burns has become one of the apple’s smartwatch ambassadors And, if in the keynote he showed us how it helped him during his charity career in Africa, now he tells us through his online diary on the Apple website the day-to-day with the device.

Apple has enabled a section on its website that it has dubbed “Apple Watch + Christy Turlington Burns” in which the model explains each week different curiosities, functions and utilities of the clock in his race to prepare for the London marathon, which will take place in 17 days. A few hours ago the company published the fifth week of use with the Apple Watch, although we want to leave you a summary with the most important news and curiosities of the last 5 weeks.

Week 1: Apple Watch and its features for exercise

In this first week, Burns tells us about his experience at the Kilimanjaro charity marathon, Africa. He briefly explains some of his favorite strap combinations – Sport for exercising, and Milanese Loop or Leather for wearing. It also highlights the utility of power set multiple time bands on the watchface itselfSo she could know each day when her children were going to sleep in New York.

During his training, he used the Workout app to set the maximum distance he wanted to run, and once reached, the Apple Watch would subtly inform him with a tap of the wrist so he would know he had arrived without even looking at the screen.

Week 2: Calendar, Tweets, and Reward Badges

Once back in New York, Burns continues to train hard to prepare for the London marathon. The model does not explain how useful and rewarding it is to receive tweets from people encouraging you while you are training, as well as messages from your team. It also shows us the badge that you have received for having achieved one of the marked activity achievements, something we will talk about in this article.

Week 3: Apple Watch can measure activity without needing to be synced with iPhone

The most interesting thing that Burns reveals to us in its third week is that the Apple Watch can reach measure the user’s physical activity without the need to be synchronized with the iPhone, one of the main limitations that many people see on the device. Apparently, the more we use our smartwatch, the more independent it will become from the phone, so that it can adapt to our daily rhythm.

«I alternated my careers between the treadmill in the hotel gym and outside. Once you run with your Apple Watch and iPhone a couple of times, the Workout app knows more about your pace. So you can go for a run on the date or outside without your phone and you can still get a really accurate workout summary. “

Week 4: use Force Touch to change the color of the Emojis

In this fourth week, Burns reveals a really curious detail that we did not know until now: it is possible to change the color of the emojis by applying pressure. Thanks to the Force Touch technology of the Apple Watch, the device is able to differentiate the pressure from the simple press, something that allows us new types of interactions, such as in this case changing the color of the Emoji to red.

The model also explains how important the Apple Watch has become in your daily activity, and its constant activity tracking allows you to stay in shape without having to go to the gym every day.

Week 5: phone calls, haptic reminders, and more

With 17 days to go to the London marathon, Burns explains his progress with the Apple Watch during the last week. For example, not only is it being of great use to you in your daily training, but it is also helping you to better manage your social life. Thanks to the haptic technology of the device, subtle touches on our wrist remind us of our appointments, reminders or tasks without looking at the screen.

In addition, he narrates that on some occasions he uses the Apple Watch to answer phone calls and, although talking to a device tied to your wrist is far from ideal, you can always transfer the call to the iPhone if it takes longer than expected. Finally, he also describes as “magical” to be able to send quick messages to his children saying only “Hey Siri”.

What do you think of Burns’ entries on the Apple Watch? Any news that you did not know?