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Do companies really commit?

Do companies really commit?

The Institute for Ecological Economic Research (IÖW) and the business association future eV annually evaluate the content and communicative quality of the social reporting of the 150 largest German companies. The best report in the 2007 ranking comes from OTTO. RWE and BASF follow in second and third place.

“The three reports are convincing because they deal with the relevant challenges in a structured and clear manner, set ambitious, verifiable goals and report self-critically on the status of goal achievement,” says the report.

The 150 companies that were included in the ranking as the largest German companies based on the statistics of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung from April 2007 are distributed across 15 sectors – from A for automobile to V for insurance. 39 of these companies currently do not report at all on their social responsibility, neither integrated into the annual report nor on the Internet.

The largest proportion of these so-called non-reporters can be found with insurers, electrical engineering manufacturers and retailers. As subsidiaries, 24 companies can refer to a report by the foreign parent company, around 30 report briefly in the annual report or on the Internet, in brochures specific to the location or topic.

58 of the 150 largest German companies publish an independent environmental, sustainability, CSR or comparable report. Most of the reports come from chemical and pharmaceutical companies and banks.

The ranking of sustainability reports