Fortnite is not only a game but also a cultural phenomenon, so not only will the action star in V4 either.

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There will also be a Fortnite competition at this year’s V4 Future Sports Festival, but the game at Epic Games has become such a phenomenon that it has infiltrated today’s pop culture – thinking of the well-known dance moves here, for example. That is why, in addition to the sports championship, the V4 Royale Dance Emote competition will be held, where in addition to the game, dance will be the main role.

It’s time to go to school

The V4 Royale Dance Emote will be an invitational competition with students from 15 schools taking part. The event will consist of two parts: the dance performance will come first, with a maximum of 8 participants, which will be judged by the audience in addition to a professional jury (including a professional dancer), after which the schools will clash in a 4-person squad match. The final ranking will be based on the sum of the scores in the two “events”.

Each participant in the competition will receive a gift package, and the winner will not only receive an extra prize, but an esports base will also be established at the school. The V4 Royale Dance Emote will be held next Sunday, September 22, with the participation of the Hungarian Student Sports Association.


  • Date: September 21-22, 2019
  • Location: Budapest, Hungexpo (Pavilions F and G)
  • Entry: free of charge
  • Age limit: Under 12 years only with parental supervision

For the latest information and news about the V4 Future Sports Festival, visit the event’s official website.


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