After the early access PC version, the card game was also announced for PS4, with a final version coming soon.

  • The Lords of the Rings: Adventure Card Game will also be released for PS4
  • This is a digital version of the Fantasy Flight Games card game
  • The early access version has been running on Steam for some time
  • The final version is coming on August 8th

THE The Lords of the Rings: Adventure Card Game has been available on Steam as an early-access game for some time, but the PS4 version was recently announced on August 8 – presumably the release date for the final PC version.

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Who may not have heard of it: it’s a digitized version of the successful card game Fantasy Flight Games, which, unlike Hearthstone and other similar games, isn’t focused on PvP, but has to complete missions alone or in a cooperative lineup.

The story of the Adventure Card Game spans the 17 years from the Tolkien Saga after Bilbo leaves the County and before Frodo sets off to take the One Ring.


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