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Ecocapsule – a self-sufficient microdome of the future?


Ecocapsule – a self-sufficient microdome of the future?

Ecocapsule eco-house has its own power supply and rainwater collection system, but it is tiny …

A mobile house with an ovoid shape called the Ecocapsule is a small room ideal for someone who appreciates independence, peace and ecology. The “house” is 4.45 meters long, 2.25 meters wide and 2.56 meters high, and the apartment weighs 1.5 tons (3,300 pounds), just like in a science fiction movie. People who do not like small elevators may feel a bit claustrophobic in it.

Designers from the Slovak company Nice Architects made very good use of every centimeter of space and managed to fit a kitchen, toilet and shower, a fold-out bed and a small wardrobe compartment into the capsule.

The eco-capsule has 600W solar cells and built-in 750W wind turbines that generate energy stored in a capacious battery. The structure of the house allows rainwater to be collected in specially constructed containers.

Ecocapsule was presented this month at the Festival of Pioneers in Vienna. Unfortunately, its price is not known yet, but shipping from Slovakia to New York will cost around USD 2,400 (or around PLN 9,000 – almost as much as a square meter of an apartment in Warsaw). Sales will start at the end of 2015.

If you want to go to the mountains, a remote wilderness, at the end of the year you can “take” mobile internet and a 1497 kg eco-capsule with you and not worry about electricity and water bills 🙂

The project was nominated for the 2015 national design award by Slovenské centrum design.

You can vote for the project by giving a like on Facebookand we also want a house like this!

source: TechCrunch via Ecocapsule – Dwelling with spirit of freedom