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Electronic Arts about the future


Electronic Arts about the future

During the Credit-Suisse First Boston Technology Conference, EA chief executive Warren Jenson revealed that Electronic Arts is ready for the future.

First of all, he was excited about the next-gen hardware that will be released, such as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox Next. Games will become even more lifelike with the help of that hardware. Feedback to EA means that characters in sports games will show real emotions. He was also very pleased with the wireless technologies that are increasingly being found in gaming equipment. Because everyone can find quick and above all simple access to the Internet, EA can use even more online possibilities. Take the micro-assets, for example, the small expansions that can already be downloaded for, for example, The Sims in the form of extra clothing and furniture. EA thinks it can make good money out of this in the future.

Jenson also said it will continue to get stronger globally. Now that the company has established a good market in Europe, it will try to conquer China, India and Russia in the next three to five years. In these regions, mobile gaming is very popular and so it seeks good relationships with local mobile content providers. In addition, EA is also expanding its own division with regard to mobile gaming, so that EA can also offer the content directly.

Of course, numbers were also inevitable. Titles like The Urbz, Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault and GoldenEye: Rogue Agent in particular are doing worse than expected at the moment, but Jenson also managed to post some positive news: Madden NFL 2005 sold a lot of extra copies when it was for less ( $29.99) was offered and Need for Speed ​​Underground 2 is selling 60 times faster than the first volume, which had the best sales for EA last year.

So whatever you think of Electronic Arts, the development and publishing giant will come up with a lot of news in the near future.