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EliteTorrent is down throughout Spain due to a DDoS attack

EliteTorrent is down throughout Spain due to a DDoS attack

EliteTorrent is one of the most popular torrent file download pages in Spain. While last night it was Pordede that had problems and was down all night, now it is EliteTorrent that seems to be having problems due to a DDoS attack that it is receiving, as confirmed by the account of the page on Twitter .

EliteTorrent It has been down all day, and the official account that the page has confirmed 20 minutes ago that an attack has been making it impossible to access the page for the past few hours.

EliteTorrent is the second most visited torrent page in Spain, behind Best Torrent, thus being one of the most popular in our country to download content in Spanish through P2P via torrent. The page occupies the 41st position in the Alexa ranking of the most visited pages in Spain, while Best Torrent is in the 27th position.

The Twitter account itself appears to be under attack, and may even have been accessed, as it has posted a tweet advertising an adult page in the last few minutes.

The web is receiving attacks. Everything possible is being done to solve it.

– Elitetorrent (@elite_torrent) November 21, 2016

In the event that you want to download and you cannot, you have other alternatives in Spanish such as Better Torrent or NewPCT. If you are looking for other torrent download pages in other languages, we have other alternatives such as RARBG, The Pirate Bay or ExtraTorrent, which last week celebrated its 10th anniversary.

When it comes to downloading torrent files, there are also a wide variety of programs that we can use. Some are really good and light, and even cross-platform in some of the cases. To liven up the wait, we leave you a link with a compilation of these download clients.

Therefore, we will have to wait and see if the page manages to solve the problems that have prevented users from accessing its content for a few hours. We will update the news as more information becomes known, and if the service is restored.

EDIT at 18:17 – EliteTorrent starts to come back and is already loading normally.

EDIT at 18:22 – EliteTorrent is having trouble loading normally again and is down again, so the service is still unstable.

EDIT at 19:24 – The page is still down and does not load.

EDIT at 11:04 on 11/22 – The page is still having trouble loading and works occasionally. At the last check, the page worked.

EDIT at 12:45 – The page is down.

EDIT at 15:30 – The page loads normally.

EDIT at 4:32 PM – The page continues to load normally, but may still be having stability issues.

EDIT at 9:00 PM – The page seems to work normally.

Final EDIT at 23:20 – EliteTorrent works perfectly. If it follows you without entering the page, here we explain the solution.