The Epic Games Store unfortunately doesn’t have many of the features that are basic, but saving to the cloud already works for some games.

  • The Epic Games Store doesn’t have many basic features
  • Epic wants to accomplish more of these by the fall
  • The option to save to the cloud already works for some new games

It could be a long list of what’s missing from the Epic Games Store, but perhaps most of the criticism is due to the lack of cloud storage – well, of course, in addition to exclusivity. Epic has launched its online store and associated client program without this feature, although almost all of these services are now available, but even consoles include the ability to back up to a remote server.

Epic revealed in March that they want to implement features like wish list, more advanced search options, offline mode, preload, cloud storage, or better DLC management in six months.

There is also a visible trace of this promise, with CEO Tim Sweeney indicating on Twitter that some new games in the Epic Games Store now have the option to save to the cloud, and are working to make it available for older programs.


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