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Exclusive Red Alert 3 Expansion Announced

Exclusive Red Alert 3 Expansion Announced

Last year we already reported about a possible expansion for Red Alert 3. In the meantime, EA has announced that there will indeed be an expansion, and moreover that it will appear exclusively for the PC.

Dubbed Red Alert 3: Uprising, in addition to new units and campaigns, the expansion will also feature new actors who will tell the story in new live action sequences alongside the old cast. A new game mode will also be added, namely the Commander’s Challenge. That’s 50 unique challenges with a total of 9 different opponents, of different origin and difficulty, which you can bite into to show that you are the best. In addition, the expansion includes a mini-campaign that harks back to the origins of the Japanese Empire and its commander Yuriko.

Amer Ajami, senior producer at EA Los Angeles, commented:

A release date is currently unknown.

The latest Red Alert does everything the second part already did, but now bigger, more explosive and even crazier than we already saw in Red Alert 2. The game will especially appeal to the older guard of Command and Conquer fans with the old gameplay , but now in a new jacket with slick next-gen graphics.

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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 is out for PC and Xbox 360.