Last Thursday, May 25, the event # DesafíoFarpointVR began through which PlatyStation wants to publicize the qualities of this shotter in virtual reality with the best company, the best company we mean when we want to talk about the Aim Controller, the new device with motion sensors and that mimics a weapon with which Sony wants to make our Virtual Reality experience as immersive as possible. So that, I had the fortune to test the new system with Farpoint, and I want to tell you about this first experience with Virtual Reality on PlayStation 4 accompanied by the most avant-garde accessories on the market.

Upon arrival, a team of “astronauts” welcomed us to what was not going to be a simple demonstration, it was time to completely get into the role of the astronaut who travels to an unknown planet with the intention of rescuing his companions or the less to discover alien life, and so it is. In Desafío Farpoint VR, located next to the mythical Atocha Station in Madrid, we have been able to feel in depth the experience in Virtual Reality, a different way of seeing and feeling video games, as perhaps we had never imagined, and believe me, surprising a veteran of video games like me is not exactly easy.

We got to know five of the weapons in Farpoint VR in depth

They presented us one by one the models of the weapons that we could later enjoy in Farpoint VR, if a model already surprises, what I did not expect was to be surprised when enjoying it in digital. Of the five weapons, we find two of an alien nature and three of human manufacture:

  • Assault rifle: It is the most versatile weapon, with infinite ammunition, that is, we must watch the tip of the weapon well, because when it heats up it stops firing. In the same way, it has a grenade launcher that will be activated by pressing one of the buttons on the Aim Controller and that will not facilitate things. Personally, it is with which I faced almost the entire Farpoint VR Challenge and it was quite comfortable and efficient, it has a basic red dot sight and is quite successful from the hip.
  • Shotgun: The classic shotgun shotter, effective at close range, lethal against multiple enemies and perhaps the best method to get rid of an ambush. Unfortunately the shotgun does not have unlimited ammunition and leaves you totally sold out at long and medium range.
  • Sniper rifle: Also the classic precision rifle, with a single bullet. It has a not too powerful peephole but it helps us with the bench, since it clearly indicates when we are going to hit the shot. Testing it, it may seem less efficient than it is, but its size and precision are certainly surprising.
  • Barbed rifle: A rifle of an alien nature, it shoots electrified spikes. In addition, we can select that the spikes are launched in bursts of three, which is more damaging. Nor was it excessively efficient to use in the game, although it is surprising.
  • Plasma rifle: Also alien in nature, with low cadence but totally lethal, the most brutal of all weapons, only for experts.

First contact with the Aim Controller

The design seems the farthest we can find from a real gun. At the tip we find the same light as usual in Sony PlayStation motion detection systems. It is built in exactly the same plastic as the Dual Shock 4 20th Anniversary, grayish tones that are luxurious with our PlayStation. It is extremely light, as can be expected from a product with these characteristics.

Where the stock would be located, we will have the combination of classic right buttons: Triangle, square, circle and X, around the first of the joystick. Here Sony has been right not using the same material and design as in the joystick of the Dual Shock 4 controller, you will appreciate the use and its resistance.

The firing trigger is found in the proper and usual area of ​​this type of product, a complete trigger, not in the shape of a hook, there will be no error when pressing (button effect) and it will be more resistant. While in the front we will have another Joystick and two L1 and R1 triggers that will have different functions assigned, such as, for example, in the Assault Rifle to launch the grenades that we collect along the way. Definitely, the Aim Controller has been a real successAlthough its real design is not surprising, we must not forget that it is designed to play in Virtual Reality.

Game results of the Aim Controller

First surprise, as soon as you put on your glasses you see the gun pointed, and it moves. You can’t help it and you propose to turn the gun to see it from all angles … Will it be possible? Yes it is, the Aim Controller is really accurate, so scary. Sharing impressions with other attendees, we came to the conclusion that almost more impressive than the game, it was being able to stop, move the weapon and observe it from all angles as if you really had it in your hands, better impossible.

As for the shot, to use the peephole you must quickly learn that the mechanism involves lifting it and placing it close to the shoulder, you will not need to wink or bring it closer to the VR, a comical moment in the afternoon. Almost as surprising as the weapon swap gesture, raise the tip to your shoulder and watch you switch between your available arsenal. The shot from the hip is as accurate as you can expect, you get hold of the weapon in just a few seconds, so much so that using the “peephole” loses sense in the thick of battle. Fully recommended, honestly amazing.

Experience playing Farpoint VR

The game we you will quickly remember a classic, Half Life, what we would have given at the time to be able to play Half Life in these conditions. But let’s start with the bad, to end with the good. Obviously Farpoint lacks scenery, you look out of a ravine hoping to find something in depth, but nothing is further from reality, however, we must be fair and warn that this content in Virtual Reality is very new, in addition, when the action you don’t have time to look at those details.

The game is scary, gross and you love it all at the same time. The game is a classic «from less to more»You will be able to advance little by little, but don’t trust yourself, we played «Descent», the second level, and my patience began to wane around 45 minutes into the game, when two bosses hit me everywhere. It is clear that we are facing a casual game, a prolonged exposure may perhaps tire more than necessary. Regarding the aforementioned dizziness of Virtual Reality, I have to point out that although I thought I was going to lose my balance on some occasion (obviously), at no time did I perceive the slightest hint of nausea, dizziness or excessive fatigue, perhaps because we were having a great time.

The weight of the glasses, the tension, the Aim Controller and the Sony 7.1 headphones perhaps make playing for a long time not as easy as it seems, however, it is a highly recommended experience, and that undoubtedly loved all the attendees who I had the pleasure of meeting there. Sony has managed to promote Virtual Reality, bringing it to all its users, and not only to those with the most money in their wallets. The Aim Controller pack with Farpoint VR costs € 79.90 in THIS LINK from Amazon, and it is definitely a must buy if you have PlayStation VR. We will continue testing the technology to bring you all the news, waiting to enjoy Gran Turismo Sport VR.


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