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Exploit sales potential with mobile customer data

Exploit sales potential with mobile customer data

In addition to the classic use of customer relationship management (CRM) systems in the office, the mobile use of customer data is playing an important role for more and more companies. That is the result of the study “Empowering The Workforce: Mobile CRM In Europe” by the market research company Forrester Research. For this purpose, around 1000 medium-sized and large companies from France, Italy, Spain, Great Britain and Germany were surveyed on behalf of the Blackberry manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) in the first quarter of 2009.

According to this, almost three quarters of those surveyed who already use a CRM system on the move say that their sales representatives work more effectively in direct customer contact. According to the analysts, companies that give their employees access to relevant customer information while on the move experience a real competitive advantage. Currently, more than 50 percent of companies with 500 employees are already using mobile CRM, while a third of medium-sized companies use it. In addition, 63 percent of the smaller companies are planning to introduce a corresponding mobile solution.

How professional customer management with efficient and structured processes can increase the success of the sales team is something that CAS Software AG wants to demonstrate to participants together with partners in 19 specialist events. At the events, which can be viewed at www.cas.de/Fachveranstaltungen, in addition to the mobility aspect, it should be about how medium-sized companies can find, retain and inspire the right customers for them in the long term.