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Facebook Messenger Lite is now available in Spain

Facebook Messenger Lite is now available in Spain

Facebook developers are not characterized by optimizing the operation of the applications they create. We have clear examples in the mother application Facebook, Messenger and without going any further WhatsApp. All these applications, if we use them regularly, they always top the list of applications that consume the most resources on our device, not only on Android but also on iOS. In addition, the resources that the application requires little by little are increasing and the operation of these has begun to be a nuisance for the almost 1,200 million users of the Facebook Messenger application.

It seems that Mark Zuckerberg’s engineers are aware of their limitations in this regard, or else, the use of this messaging application has started to go down, but the truth is that a few months ago Facebook launched a light, very light version of Messenger called Lite, a version aimed at terminals managed by Android with low specifications and which also made use of low-speed connections. At first it seemed that this application would not leave the developed countries where it was oriented, but as we have been able to verify it has not been like that and the company of the social network has just expanded the number of countries where it is already possible to download it.

This application is designed to not only consume fewer resources, but also It is designed so that the consumption of data from it is also much tighter, another of the evils that have always gone hand in hand with this application and Facebook. Messenger Lite does not offer us the same features as the full application, but with it we can send photos, videos, text and links without any problem. Being an application with minimum requirements, Messenger Lite requires Android 2.3 Gigerbread or higher, so any more or less current terminal can make use of this messaging application.



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