The Finnish firm is about to present the new Nokia Lumia 900 at CES in Las Vegas. It will be the third mobile phone with Windows Phone that reaches the market with the aim of competing with the most powerful smartphones of the moment.

The marriage between Microsoft and Nokia continues to bear fruit and in the coming days we will officially know the third mobile phone of the Finnish firm. Before its official presentation, some of the technical characteristics of the Nokia Lumia 900 that we will detail have been leaked.

Bigger screen

The new mobile will have an AMOLED Clear Black touch screen 4.3 inch. We recall that the Nokia Lumia 800 that was launched recently has a 3.7-inch screen. In other words, the firm wants to compete with smartphones that have larger screens. As pointed Movilzona.esThis improvement increases the weight of the terminal by 18 grams, which will be around 160 grams. Compared to other equipment the weight is slightly higher. For example, him iPhone 4S weighs 140 grams Meanwhile he Samsung Galaxy S II around 120 grams. As for the dimensions, the equipment will have a thickness of 12 millimeters, an interesting size considering that it will be able to connect with LTE (Long Term Evolution).

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The Lumia 900 will feature a 1.4 GHz Qualcomm processor and a memory RAM 512 MB. At the moment no details have been leaked about the internal memory of the equipment but everything seems to indicate that it will be higher than that of the Lumia 800. Another important improvement will be the battery. If the Lumia 800 was criticized for its autonomy problems, the 900 seems to have 1830 mAh which guarantees a very long waiting time.

In this image you can see the Lumia 900 with the 4.3-inch screen and its little brother. Last but not least, the new Lumia 900 has a front camera, ideal for video conferencing. With LTE connectivity, it is a highly demanded service in the US market.

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For now this is what we can tell you, we will be very attentive to the news that is arriving from Las Vegas to bring you closer to the news.

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