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FIFA 17 “steals” a Twitter account accidentally

FIFA 17 “steals” a Twitter account accidentally

Launched at the end of last September, FIFA 17 has already become this year’s best-selling soccer simulator in its early days, largely due to its realism and weighty novelties. One of them was the inclusion of The Road mode, which allows us to put ourselves in the shoes of Alex Hunter and live a football career in the Premier League.

To give even more verisimilitude to the modality, Electronic Arts Sports decided to implement a section with fictitious Twitter accounts that comment on Hunter’s news and his progress in history. However, one of those accounts turned out not to be fictitious and the affected user has bitterly complained to the American company for making use of it without permission.

In addition to having reacted negatively, user Calvin Wong has done so repeatedly in the absence of a response from EA Sports. It was thanks to the intermediation of the Kotaku portal that the company in charge of FIFA 17 has taken notice, responding that it has been a confusion and an unintended misunderstanding, something for which they apologize and that they are already working to solve it.

. @ EASPORTSFIFA Hey ********, please don’t use real twitter accounts in your dumb game, k thx pic.twitter.com/p5MRMcStU2

– Calvin Wong (@calwong) October 1, 2016