We may have already thought that EA had found the perfect cover star in the person of Cristiano Ronaldo for years, but it didn’t.

  • Ronaldo disappears from the cover of FIFA 19
  • Three will replace him
  • FIFA 19 is also available as a subscription to PC Guru Magazine

The Portuguese world star will now be replaced on the covers of FIFA 19 by Neymar, Dybala and De Bruyne. Neymar PSG player Dybala is currently Ronaldo’s teammate in Juventus and De Bruyne is strengthening Manchester City, with three young classes in the Champions League taking Ronaldo’s place. Otherwise, they used to be the faces of the FIFA Ultimate Team, now they have been promoted by EA.

This year, EA was unlucky with the cover, the first complication was caused by Ronaldo certification from Real Madrid to Juventus this summer, but by this time he had already appeared in many places in the Royal Assembly on promotional materials. Apparently this did not affect Ronaldo as to whether to transfer his headquarters from Madrid to Turin. Like many fans, EA was unexpectedly affected by the switch, but even then, graphic designers quickly changed Ronaldo into a zebra-striped jersey. Now, however, EA has made a more serious decision.

It could be speculated that one of the main reasons may be the sexual harassment scandal that erupted last October, after which EA said that until the situation is clarified, they will be forced to gradually remove Ronaldo’s face from game-related materials as they don’t shed good light on them. But they have stated that they will stand by the player until it is over, but they will have to take certain steps to protect their own reputation.

In recent years, Messi or Rooney have been able to pose on the covers of the FIFA series for years, now it looks like Ronaldo will be replaced after two years. The question arises: Who will be on the next FIFA cover?


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