The PC game FIFA has now become a household name for every football fan who also goes digital. This year, EA games has an edge over the competitors with the 2003 version, who have to have a lot to do to surpass this game.

Installation and introduction to the game

After the quick installation of the latest FIFA I could finally start. When starting up, it immediately becomes clear that FIFA has changed in many ways. The menu has been completely changed and therefore looks much better graphically. I also didn’t disappoint playing the game itself. The angular heads that FIFA 2002 still struggled with are now gone and you’re already starting to recognize the players. Here you may already run into the first problem; the video card and processor have to endure a lot.
If you really want to enjoy the many graphic options, then you really need a 700mhz computer with a 32 to 64mb video card.

What’s new?

If you’ve played the previous FIFAs, you’ll have no problem with FIFA 2003 either.
The functions to run with, etc. have changed somewhat, but that is easily resolved in the “settings” menu. Which incidentally, just like the previous FIFAs, is very easy to operate. What you might encounter is that the shooting works a little differently than in the FIFA 2002 World Cup. Keeping it pressed for too long now quickly leads to a “Jaap Stam shovel”. In other words, the ball goes meters over the goal. Furthermore, just like its predecessors, the game listens excellently to the keys.
The many camera angles that can be chosen make playing so easy, one time you will want a different camera angle in a situation than the other time. Of course I don’t have to explain that in FIFA 2003 you can again choose from seasons and tournaments and that they have been improved again compared to the predecessors.

Difficulty levels and flaws

On the previous FIFA I had a few criticisms and I was now hopeful, due to the messages from EA games, that these were solved in the 2003 version. This was quite disappointing to me while playing FIFA 2003. If you spend some time playing FIFA 2003, you will soon notice that the amateur level is too simple. Scores of 8-0 are certainly no exception. That means, as the game suggests, you can go to the next level. Unfortunately, you can only reach this level after a lot of defeats. Maybe an option for FIFA 2004 to put a difficulty in between?
It is also a pity that the creation center has disappeared. Because I think that was a favorite option in FIFA 2002. Make a strong team for yourself and a team of bruisers for the opponent…
By far the most annoying mistake is that the pep talk of the opponent’s trainer goes a bit too far. In the second half you will have a lot more trouble with the opponent, who easily beat you in the first half.
Fortunately, the bug that was in the FIFA 2002 World Cup has been solved. The referee sometimes wanted to run into the ball in the FIFA 2002 world cup, so that the beautiful counter you were just working on finally failed. Fortunately, this bug has been fixed, which improves playability and certainly improves your mood. An odd change I’ve noticed is that if you knock down the opponent’s goalkeeper, you don’t get a red card anymore. Most likely you will only concede a free kick as a “punishment”. A nice detail is, not that it matters in terms of playing, that the opponent will also change. That gives this game just that little bit extra.

Positive sides

Now you may be wondering if there are also positive sides to the game. My answer will then be obvious: “Yes!”. The realistic stadium sounds bring you into a football match. Because the makers have paid even better attention to sound and image, you get the feeling that you are watching a football match on TV. This is reinforced by the good looking players and umpires. It is therefore not surprising that many people use FIFA 2003 to simulate a match.

In the previous FIFAs, the current FIFA version was based on the previous one. This has completely changed with the 2003 version. The creators have rebuilt FIFA 2003 from scratch, because they received a lot of comments about the graphics. Probably to emphasize that it is a new engine, the makers have also opted for a new menu layout.


If you are a football fanatic and you don’t want a game that can’t be played after 20 levels, but a game that always remains fun, then this is definitely recommended. Especially because the graphics have been greatly improved compared to FIFA 2002.

If all this is not enough for you, you can download patches from many websites. One that I recommend is the update for the Dutch and Belgian teams. Unfortunately, the Netherlands and Belgium are also not very strongly represented in FIFA 2003. If you buy the game you unfortunately have to do without the HollandCasino eredivisie. This patch is 19mb and therefore for the modem users among us, a long job. Yet it is very worthwhile and also easy to find on the net.


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